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Does Your Website Make You Money?

Your website is essential for you business yet most business websites haven’t even been designed with the end goal in mind – to make you money. If your website doesn’t give you the following, you could be missing out on tons of cash and not even know it…

Your website should give it’s visitors the following:

  • An uncluttered screen to find what they are looking for – fast.
  • To learn more about your solutions to their needs.
  • An answer to their questions.
  • Obvious ways of contacting you.
Your website should be all about your visitor and what’s in it for them but its a platform to learn a lot about them as well. Do you get the following with your current website?

Your website should give you the following:

  • A way to track what the visitor found interesting.
  • A way to capture their contact details and build a warm list.
  • A platform to answer their questions before they contact you, freeing you and your staff to spend more time closing sales.
  • A platform to test new products and marketing materials before spending the cash to create them.
  • A platform to track your advertising conversion rate so you know exactly what works and what’s wasting your money.
If your website isn’t giving you all of these points and you’d like to know how it can, book in for a friendly chat with the form to the right and we’ll schedule a time to talk about how your website can become a power tool for your business.

P.S. A website that makes you money can still look like a million dollars but shouldn’t cost you the earth.