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Lead Funnel Or Loop Marketing

Getting leads to buy used to be as simple as showing them where to call… but not anymore.

Lead Funnel or Loop MarketingEducate.

It’s so easy to find a competitive product online and even easier to click and buy… but who do they choose? We marketers have learnt to educate through long sales copy, radio, video, ‘training courses’ and even whole ½ hour TV shows dedicated to a single product to get the sale. Education helps the buyer understand the benefits and differences between your offer and someone else’s. You’ve spent hundreds of dollars to get that leads attention so you can lead them to buy yet so many businesses stop at the one advertising piece. It can take many pieces of education or touches for someone to decide your offer is the right one. Smart business owners use a long funnel as many studies have shown it can take seven touches before the average person will buy from you.


Offer something brilliant. Something to simplify, profit from, solve a problem or help them feel good.


But you can’t stop there. You have them as customers and have built some interaction so how can you encourage more and leverage off your short-term goodwill. Studies show that the shopping cart abandonment rate is as high as 67.7% so you need to add enough value to the initial offer to ensure follow-through. But don’t abandon them here either!


Support their decision with tips, related discounts or freebies and help lines for them to get the most out of their purchase. The higher the price point, the more support should be available to them. It can be by forums, , emails, live chat, conference calls, one-on one calls and even in person if the price point justifies it. Support doesn’t have to be free. It can be built into the offer as support can be the tipping point in the buying decision. So many people just take your money and that’s it. To stand out you need to be so much more. What about reminders for consumables or maintenance? You should know your customers usage patterns and give them timely offers to encourage loyalty.


It’s not all about the sale. Its about the relationship people build over time with you, justifying their decision and trust. Ask them questions about how the’re going and what problems they might be running into. Problems = Opportunity. It’s rare that only one person is encountering a problem. Look at Ikea furniture. Awesome practical designs but Police have been called in for domestic disturbance over a neighbors noisy frustrations at putting the damned things together. Light Bulb! Many small businesses have been started up just offering to build their Ikea furniture for them. It’s the most requested service on ‘task rabbit’, a micro services marketplace.


We’re back at the beginning. We can learn from our customers, solve their problems and educate our other customers about the same thing and…


Well, you get the idea….


How long’s your funnel? I know some marketers that use an infinite funnel ( Always Be Coaching) coupled with Customer Loops around specific needs or services that they offer.

How can you create a way to never let a customer escape by building boundless goodwill and brand loyalty?

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