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The Commonwealth Bank Has Made Its Own Point-Of-Sale Tablet Called Albert | Gizmodo Australia.

Albert - Commonwealth banks Tap-and-go paymentAlbert will change the way retailers interact with their customers.

It’s not just a wireless point of sale terminal, it’s a loyalty tracker, coupon giver, bill splitter and anything you want a wireless tablet to be. It’s running on a platform they call Pi which has it’s own app store so if you want a store wide wireless tablet to do something , you can get or have written an app to do it.

There have been other choices out there but this is the first time a major bank has stepped in and created something retailers want in one simple package. No word on pricing yet but if they want fast adoption (and to steal some customers back) it’ll need to be cheap. If they don’t, I’d be tempted to roll my own on a 7″ Android smartphone

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