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email marketing | Subtle Gets Sales

Using email marketing in your business?

Internet users receive so many emails today that when you use email to market your own message it can get lost in the clutter, ignored or worst of all – declared spam. Using subtle email marketing practices will not only build the loyalty of your subscribers but build their desire to learn more about the products you talk about. Here are 6 tips you can apply to any email marketing campaign to get through our advertisement filters and get your readers to take notice.

Tip 1. Provide Quality Email Marketing Content.

One thing that separates an ad from something of value is the content. Will they learn something they can use or will it be just a long email crowing about a particular product? Using insightful articles about their interests, quizzes or lists of facts all come across as something of value. If this is the information you provide on a regular basis you will not only gain their trust but strengthen their belief in you as the authority for that topic. You have their interest and therefore their attention. From this position it is easily to subtly reference a website or product as a case in point or as a tool to simplify a process they have a problem with.

Tip 2. Avoid Outrageous Claims or Hyped Benefits.

Using hyped language or outrageous claims anywhere in the email quickly turns their mind into thinking “is this an ad?” We’re so used to seeing advertising that our ad-radar is extremely sensitive so language like this is best to be avoided altogether. it’s better to talk about a problem and have product x fix it than to go on about the benefits of any particular product. It’s also more genuine to have a fault you can discuss about the product or something which isn’t as easy as you’d like. It sounds more genuine and believable to your readers.

Tip 3. Targeted Readers = Profits

This goes for any marketing medium. The more targeted your readers are, the more likely they are willing to listen and therefore buy. While it’s great to boast of a large list you can email, it’s no good if they don’t read your message or worse yet, they just aren’t interested and decide you are spamming them! Being flagged as spam is one of the worst things you can have happen for your email marketing campaigns. Your email provider can lock you out and your company blacklisted if too many people complain you are spamming them. I know a couple who boasted of a 70,000 strong email list. When I questioned them about how many people actually opened their emails, they said 5%. 5% is a terribly low number of people who actually read their email messages. What about the click through rate – how many people actually clicked on a link in the message? Again, only a pitiful 4% clicked on a link. What about actually purchasing? It was better at 11% but that means out of those 70,000 people, only about 16 people purchased their offer!! While this is about subtle marketing, this shows the importance of tracking everything in your email marketing.

Tip 4. Speak as a Third Party, not the Business Owner

Word of mouth has always been the most effective form of marketing and this hasn’t changed in millennium so when you come across as the owner of a product it can skew their perceptions of what your trying to say. By talking about something as a non-related party you can give a more honest and unbiased view. Just like mentioning a weakness of the product can seem more genuine, not claiming ownership allows the reader the opportunity to make up their own mind on the subject. Not being pushy in your email marketing on the value your product might bring builds the trust levels and if the product is the right solution for the problems you introduce, they will buy.

Tip 5. Keep the Links on the Down Low

The more links you include to a product or web page, the more the email is seen as an ad rather than an informative message. Keep the links to a minimum and try to introduce them as a reference to the product to get more information rather than a direct link to a product to buy. Again, the email is not a marketing piece, rather it’s an article talking about a new solution to an age old problem the readers would like solved. This actually leads to the final and most important tip…

Tip 6. Content Content Sell

Think of the emails as a stream of informative content to someone who is passionate about the topic, not a sales pitch. This means you don’t sell on every email. A safe yet profitable mix for your email marketing is to use content, content, content/sell. Give valuable information more times than you sell to them. Your email marketing will remain subtle and your readers will look forward to your messages and be receptive to your email marketing offers.

Email Marketing Can Be A Powerful Tool

When you keep these six tips in mind, your email marketing will not only be well received but profitable as well. After all, long term businesses are about the repeat customer and not the churn and burn so many companies so many companies seem to operate by. I wish you all the best in your email marketing campaigns and remember if you need a little help or wish to brainstorm marketing for your business, please feel free to get in touch at http://MarketingThatWorks.com.au/email-marketing.


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