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Growth Of Mobile MarketingMary Meeker, the “Queen of the Internet” states that adoption of mobile devices accessing the Internet is taking place at a higher rate than “fixed Internet devices” and will continue to do so until 2014 at which time it will be more popular than accessing the net from our P.C.’s.  This is very important to Internet Marketers because it makes clear that mobile content marketing must be part of your marketing mix in order to simply sustain your momentum that you have gained as well as to attract new customers.

Whether you agree with Meeker or not the facts are the facts and mobile content is here, so you might as well create a mobile content marketing strategy and get with the big picture. Think about this: There are many people who only get on the net on their mobile device, they do not have a personal computer, if those people are within your target market, start targeting. If you prefer to target personal computer users who also use mobile devices to access the net, well, the same can be said, start your mobile marketing strategy now.

Today, with the advent of mobile technology, your clients or potential clients are connected to the Internet in many ways. You already contact them via email, via social media, and via your web real estate, why not add one more thing to the mix and ramp up your content marketing with mobile content marketing, it can only increase your engagement of your audience, thus also increasing sales, after all a return on investment is what you’re after. If the statistics have any meaning whatsoever, then making your websites and content mobile friendly can only help.

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