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Email Marketing - Deciding if it's right for your business.Deciding whether email marketing is right for your business can be daunting. The value of email marketing is obvious but whether it suits your business is more complicated. Below, I’ll step you through the decision process so you can move forward quickly.

You need to consider a number of different factors before making a decision to invest your time, energy and money in an email marketing campaign for your business. The first thing to consider is your customers’ demographics. Are your customers comfortable on the internet and using email? How often do they use the internet? Are they likely to consider your email as spam or something of value? Think about your existing customers, are they teenagers who have moved on to social media and SMS texting over email as their communication method of choice? Are they the 60+ group who don’t get this internet thing and prefer to read a physical letter instead? Are they somewhere in the middle and comfortable online?

How much email do they use? With the advent of social media and the excessive rise in spam, email usage has dropped as people move to more intimate communication channels. That being said, we all still use email to communicate and business relies heavily on email and will for the foreseeable future as a means of communication between their staff and other businesses.

Is your website geared to someone ready to buy or someone who is still researching? Both require different approaches in capturing their email address and the content of your email marketing. Buyers look for discounts, tips on using your product or service more effectively and upcoming sales where researchers are looking for more information to help them decide if it is the right fit for their needs, the benefits and how to choose a supplier.

Does your product or service need explaining or training to get the best use for the customer? If so, you are in a perfect place to have an email marketing campaign. Educating your future customers helps them discover the information they are looking for and to decide if what you offer is right for them, builds trust and gives you a little authority, helping them choose you as their supplier.

Another point to keep in mind is if your products or services are similar to spam that we see every day. Someone selling weight loss programs, little blue pills or luxury watches would only be flagged as spam and your email will never be opened, you could be blacklisted by the spam filter companies and effectively prevent any emails you send from ever reaching their recipient.

The next is what can you offer in return for getting someone’s email address? We’ve been so overwhelmed with spam that people just don’t give out their email addresses anymore so we need to be creative and offer something of value. It can be a discount, a mini course on the best uses of your product or service; it might be a free product or a free consultation. As long as your email marketing campaign adds value to them immediately and in the long term you will build a large and responsive list of customers who will look forward to and open your emails.

A successful email marketing campaign can return consistent and ongoing profits for practically zero cost. Once you got them to sign up and become a happy customer, getting them to purchase again and again is nearly effortless in comparison, not to mention that email is free.

Michael Branson is an experienced Internet Marketer who can quickly increase your profits through both online and offline strategies to fit any budget. If you’d like more information or help in putting an email marketing campaign together for your business, feel free to contact Michael by visiting me at http://MarketingThatWorks.com.au

To Your Profits,
Michael Branson

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