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Email Marketing For Profit“Proven techniques for making money from your lists”

There’s one simple secret to turning your subscribers into buyers that makes all the other secrets I’m going to show you work – or totally breaks them. And I’m not going to keep you in suspense, dangling it like a carrot.

But I’ll warn you – when I tell you what it is, you’re going to say “Is that all?”

And yes. It is.

But if you jump to the hasty conclusion that it’s as simple as it sounds, think twice.

So are you ready? Because here we go with 7 rock-solid ways to turn your subscribers into buyers.

And at the heart, the core of it all? Your one single most important secret…


1. “Building A Relationship With Your Subscriber”

Ouch. I can actually hear you. Told you it was simple. But bear with me for just a few moments, and let me show you what I mean.

For many years, Canadian show jumping was dominated by the unbeatable team of Olympic equestrian Ian Millar and his horse, Big Ben. If you’ve ever been at a horse show and watched a top rider like Millar in action, you’ve inevitably heard at least one member of the audience say something along the lines of, “Is that all? The horse is doing it for him.”

Ian Millar makes guiding a horse over 6-foot-plus fences with impossible twists, angles, tight turns and blind drops look absolutely effortless; ridiculously easy. Yet it’s not at all easy for a horse – even one with a spirit as strong as the legendary Big Ben – to leap over a massive object blind, knowing the drop on the other side is as likely to be a 10-foot steep drop, or stepping into water, as it is to be solid, dependable ground.

How did Millar do that?

Simple. Big Ben trusted him. And he knew everything about Big Ben.

What made Ben tick, what frightened him, what conditions he performed best under, what diet he needed, what coaching method worked best…

And the reason Big Ben trusted his rider – Millar had demonstrated, time and time again, that he could get Ben over those jumps safely. That he was looking after him. And that there would be a reward on the other side.

But don’t get me wrong – horses of Big Ben’s caliber aren’t about the carrot. They’re about success. They live for the challenge as much as their riders and they thrive on the teamwork that lets them reach their full potential. And that’s the sort of subscriber you want, because they’re motivated. And if you do things right, they’ll also be pre-qualified and pre-sold.

It really doesn’t matter whether your subscribers are all about the carrots or the glory – you just have to know what motivates them. You have to identify with them in that same sort of intuitive way Ian Millar developed with Big Ben.

There was another top level rider – I’m naming no names, and you’ll quickly see why. Rider X approached success in a different way. He forced it. And because he forced it aggressively (even brutally) and was as driven as Ian Millar, he achieved a measure of success. He quickly got where he wanted to go, and I won’t hide that fact from you.

But Rider X’s horses were terrified whenever he came near them. His staff hated him. He used the whip excessively, and motivated his horses by fear. He was always in the top competitions. Sometimes he won. But not consistently. When it came down to the wire, he eventually alienated everyone around him. They got tired of his arrogance. His wife ran off with someone else. He was caught doping a horse before a big-money competition. His sponsors dropped him.

Rider X’s success didn’t last long.

And when he hit bottom, there was no way to go but out of the game.

Nobody trusted him. They knew him too well.

2. The Money Mistake

“You need to identify your target market’s problem and solve it” – you’ve probably heard this so many times, it’s making you yawn.

But there’s one extra question no one ever seems to ask. One usually left completely unanswered:

* Why do you want to solve it?

If you answered “to build my list”, you get the rude-buzzer-noise. If you answered “to make money”, you get the rude-buzzer-noise again.

I’ll tell you now; you’ve completely missed the point.

If Ian Millar had put Big Ben over those fences focused solely on the $125,000 prize for first place, he most likely wouldn’t have fared much better than his unscrupulous rival.

Yes, it would have made a huge difference to his farm income (and international travel budget) that year. But the paradox is, if you focus on the money, you lose your subscribers because they quickly find out you don’t care about them. If you focus on what they need to succeed, just watch them blossom – and come eagerly back to see what else they can glean from you.

(Can you imagine the difference between being coached by Ian Millar or Rider X? How long do you think you’d stick with Rider X as a coach?)

If you focus on the needs of your subscribers, and do your level best to keep supplying them with what they want, the money follows organically.

Again, I’m telling you something you’ve heard before – but at a deeper, more subtle level. You’re not glibly “solving your target market’s problem”. You’re going out of your way to give your subscriber what he or she specifically needs most – at that exact time.

To do this with apparent effortlessness, you have to get to know your subscriber, inside and out – notice I’m using the singular, not the plural – as well as Ian Millar knew Big Ben. When you can truly identify, you can then help your subscriber achieve the best performance possible – one that thrills him to the core.

Be a team. Help your subscriber make money. It all boils down to something you don’t hear much about any more – the “Golden Rule”. Treat others like you want to be treated.

Truly keep doing that, and you will automatically own them for life.

3. Plan Your Path

But of course it doesn’t stop when you’ve got them to opt in to your list – that’s just the beginning! Set up your subscriber relationship properly and run it that way – and your subscriber will be eager to buy from you and give back. The relationship becomes magically symbiotic.

The real secret to creating loyal customers lies in focusing on how you’re going to continue to offer them valuable opportunities and products before they ever buy.
In other words, never build a list and just “wing it” – always have a plan for how you’ll keep them, once they’ve bought. Put real effort into working out exactly, specifically how you’re going to continue supporting them and providing the same high value.

Well, when they finally do make that first purchase, remember that the easiest place to increase your sales is right at the checkout gate. Have another related offer as they’re going through the door. Make sure you have a shopping cart system that will allow them to add a DVD hard copy to that eBook they’re downloading; or a companion Special Report on 101 Christmas Recipes That Rock to go nicely with the Holiday Entertaining For Every Season eBook they just bought.

Or offer a highly relevant affiliate product – perhaps with a coupon showing they’re getting a significant discount.) Approach high-value marketers in related fields, and create joint ventures.
If you keep offering them extra offers that are perfectly positioned and selected, at the end of your subscriber’s buying session, instead of selling just one item – you’ve sold them two. And get into the habit of having those highly targeted, extra offers ready every time they buy.
Remember – it takes far less work to get a customer who has already purchased to impulsively buy one of your products than to drum up new prospects.

4. Manage Your Lists

It’s important that for all your responsiveness, you take care not to be reactive. Please – plan your strategies. The more carefully thought out and positioned they are, the more value to your list.
Your actual autoresponder lists should be as highly organized as your sales funnel strategies. Keep subscribers moving through your system – don’t leave them in the “Prospects” list, once they’ve bought. Move them to the “First Time Buyers” list. Then, as they move through your sales funnel, make sure you migrate them to your other lists – once that will generate offers appropriate to their level.
It makes absolutely no sense to keep sending them offers dealing with Why You Should Start A Blog – when they’re already in your niche blogging membership site. And yet this does happen!

5. Multiple Offers

Your Other Sites – Don’t just send your subscribers’ one offer. Make sure you promote other ventures you have going. One of the simplest ways is just to have a list of your other websites as links, under your signature (and hopefully, you know enough to have strong, easy to remember names that describe exactly what the site is about – for example, www.ListBuildingProfits.com).
Let your subscribers be the first to know (exclusivity, remember?) about any new websites you are launching. Offer them a “perq” such as their first month for free, or for $1. Or for a low “early bird” price. But if you use the latter technique, do be sure to let them know it’s a limited time offer – and that it will go up by a specific date.
Then honor that date and don’t be afraid to raise the price, if they haven’t signed up. (They’ll respect you for being consistent and truthful.)
The best part about letting them in early on launches? The testimonials they can generate – before you’ve ever let the general public know.

6. Interaction – Don’t Be Remote

Your subscribers have to feel as if they are in the “inner circle” – and I’m not talking about those who finally made it to your biggest upsell, your private coaching site. I’m talking about EVERY subscriber. They have to feel as if you like them and care about their problems as much as they do. But how to do it?

  • Ask genuine questions about their needs . Create a survey before you start your next product. Ask them what they want, what they think.
  • Ask for feedback
  • Offer them “first crack” at your new product – with a significant discount (and be sure to let them know that no one else will be getting their special deal.
  • Offer it to them ahead of the pack – a “sneak preview” limited batch. (That way, if something isn’t working properly or they have a lot of questions about one point, you can even fine-tune the product – and of course, send them a copy of the updated version!)
  • Give them exclusive unadvertised bonuses. And keep the quality content rolling.

To sum it all up, once you’ve “landed” them, keep investing your time in them with targeted follow-up.

7. Repeat Buyers – The Real Twinkie

Allow your subscribers to provide you with not just the occasional payment, but real residual income by offering them carefully positioned upsells. If you haven’t paid much attention to the principle of marketing funnels, start doing it now!
Each sale should lead to another one – rather like a video game, where you get to the next level. You finally reach the stage where you can offer them really exclusive service – high end products, membership sites, mastermind sites – and private coaching.
If you’ve treated your subscribers properly, they’ll be eager and ready to sign up on the spot.
A subscriber list is like a garden – planting it properly it is vital to your success. But once it’s planted and starting to grow, nourishment is essential.
Work hard to keep your subscribers happy. Like Big Ben, they’re worth it – they’ll happily pay you back ten times over.