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You’ve seen the ads. You’ve got your shiny new iphone 4s but so what?

What I’m about to tell you should shock you into action and if not then I’d be deeply concerned.

Anyone who owns a business and isn’t embracing the new technologies will be in for a really short ride. I’ll explain in a minute but first off lets look at some stats.

Everyone has a mobile… in fact there are 1.2 mobiles per person.

99.93% of people have their mobile switched on and within 3 meters of their person 24/7

64% of all phones sold are ‘Smart Phones’ with web access.

62.17% of those are Apple iPhones – 7% increase in market share since Siri launched!

I’m not advocating Apple over any other brand but they have the highest customer satisfaction rating in terms of usability – which means less tech savy people can use it happily – and they far outstrip Android in preferred next phone. In fact Nielson report that 80% of people want an iPhone vs 7% for an Android.

With that said, lets look at how Siri will change the western world.

The ads are great. You want a reminder, you ask Siri to create one – in common language. Text a friend, no problem. Call your partner while your hands are busy..yup…. now this should wake you all up…

Imagine this. You’ve got a burst tap and your desperately holding back the water. You press the button quickly and say “Siri, call an emergency plumber”.

If your a plumber, will that call go to you?

“Siri, call a tow truck”.

“Siri, where is the nearest coffee shop”

“Siri, I need a chiropractor”

You get the idea. Anything you’d search google for can now be found by holding down a button for 2 seconds and asking.

Your bypassing search altogether – that means all your Search Engine Optimization and Paid advertising is worthless for a Siri user. We don’t know how exactly Siri gets its data but we do know its from Local Directories like TrueLocal, Yelp, Urbanspoon, Foursquare and others. Are you in these directories? Think you should?

Do you think Google will let this go by? No. They already have a text to search function but it’s not as user friendly and not a dominant feature of their Android system. Apple spent 2 years and 200 Million getting it right. Lets see what Google does next. Blackberries and Nokia’s? I feel sorry for them.. just a little.


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