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Email Marketing

Got a fantastic website? Great! But it’s not converting into sales. So now what…. Email Marketing is what!

You’ve got a great looking website, lots of helpful tips and information for your visitors but your traffic and sales aren’t what they should be and your wondering why you even bothered right? So how can we improve things?

First up lets talk about the sales process. Say your looking to buy a new car. You look around. See what’s available, maybe walk in to a dealer and check out a few models. Chances are you didn’t buy the first car you looked at right? You probably checked out all the local yards then went shopping for the best price online… then went back to the dealers who gave you the best overall feeling before ordering your model and colour right?

Shopping online is like this and even more so. Your customers have what they want in mind then go in search of the best value. It might take 5 to 7 visits before they are ready to buy. This is typical of every business right? The higher the price, the more contact points it takes before they are willing to spend their cash. The value they are looking for doesn’t have to be price and to be honest we don’t want customers who shop by price alone, we want to develop a relationship with them and earn repeat sales. After all it costs nothing more than a little time to keep a customer but hundreds of dollars to get them in the first place. This is where email marketing can help.

Part of attracting them back is the value you give them when you first meet. Your website is your first point of contact and you want them to have every question they have answered before they leave and the easiest way is via email marketing.

Once they have bought, they’re no longer a prospect but a valued customer and the email’s you send changes to how they can best use the product, maximising their post-purchase value while offering accessories and upgrades through the lifetime of the relationship. Free cash anyone?

Not everyone’s ready to buy immediately. If your a fishing tackle shop, you know a lot of your customers arn’t out fishing every weekend (the top 20% probably are right?). Email Marketing gives you the opportunity to keep the communication open, describe the latest advancements and announce sales or special events – for free. Yep, free. It costs nothing to send an email to thousands of people yet hundreds just for a small classified ad that hardly anyone reads. When the’re thinking of whetting a line, your helpful advice will bring them to your store to gear up and grab some bait.

Reputation is everything.

Your not in it to sell their contact details to a spammer, it only hurts you and you get little in return, you are in it to give continous helpful advice to your shoppers and give them what they want. A well fought fish they can brag about to their mates.

But whats all this got to do with improving my websites ROI?

Email Marketing is automated marketing.

All this is automatic. Set up the sequence for email marketing once and thats it. No more work involved until they either respond to an email or call on you directly… and both lead to a sale or deepening of the relationship.

Another fantastic advantage is that email marketing messages can be forwarded quickly and easily to their buddies, giving you more exposure , more website visitors and new potential customers… and it’s still free!

If your not collecting your visitors contact details both on your website and in store, your business is being left behind.

Talk to your web designer about setting up email marketing or contact MarketingThatWorks.com.au to get you started immediately.

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