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Facebook Adds 5-Star Ratings To Some Business Page Viewers

Facebook adds 5-Star ratings to some business page viewersFacebook has quietly been working on dominating eyeball ownership for years and with the growing popularity of review sites, is testing some new features.

Since the introduction of the like button, Facebookers have been able to express their brand sentiment with a Like. While this is great, a Like doesn’t properly reflect the level of service a company provides. Facebook introduced a 5-Star rating system to reflect this and to compete with Yelp and other review sites for your iTime.

It’s not the most straight forward way to leave a review but on the other hand the extra effort reflects in a more emotionally charged score. A Like is a single click on any website and is often a spur of the moment thing where as the 5 star rating must be added on the business’s Facebook page.

People already search for reviews in Facebook and this rating system enhanced that.

Facebook is currently testing out a more prominent way to display these ratings which compete directly with Yelp and other review sites by placing stars directly under the brands name and eventually into the search results themselves.

Facebook responded to comments with:

We’re extending star ratings on Facebook from mobile to desktop – to make it easier for people to discover great businesses around them. This is beneficial for both businesses and consumers. Star ratings encourage more people to rate a business, making it eligible to appear in News Feed and help others discover a business they didn’t know about previously. For businesses themselves, this also leads to greater brand awareness.

As you may recall, star ratings launched in early 2012 with the introduction of Nearby on mobile. Now we’re bringing the visibility of star ratings to a more prominent spot at the top of Pages’ timeline on desktop and to the preview in News Feed.

This is just another indicator of how important service is to the shopper and how much emphasis is placed on good quality reviews for your business.

I hope you have a review management system in place. One to maximize good reviews and minimize the bad ones – by joyfully fixing the issue – and with interest!