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Siri was launched 18 months ago and within 6 months of its launch, over 63% of iPhone 4S users were regularly using it.

What is Siri

Siri is a virtual assistant who can interact with any native apps on the iPhone. Siri can search for nearby businesses, look up statistics and any general information as well as set appointments, create reminders or send emails and SMS’s – all via voice control. Think Jarvis from Iron Man but without the industrial machinery to make you bullet proof.
I wrote about siri back in 2011 at http://MarketingThatWorks.com.au/how-apples-siri-will-change-everything/ and it’s time to update the changes Siri has made for local businesses.

Is Siri relevant for your business?

What does this mean for business?
“Siri, find me a Restaurant in Erina”
“Siri, I need an emergency plumber”
“Siri where is the nearest shawarma restaurant?”
Your customers can now search for your services via voice.

How does Siri determine which business to show first?

Siri uses local directories, reviews and social media to determine relevance and ranking order. This means that if your online presence isn’t optimized for these, you are shooting your business in the foot. Seriously.

Does Being Siri Friendly Make You Money?

If your business is B2C or you provide a service that will be spontaniously searched for you should definately take advantage of voice search and Siri’s domination

It’s not all about Siri, Google Has Voice Search Too.

How to make your website Siri Friendly

Siri first looks for special website codes called microdata to quickly determine what your website is about.
These microdata schemea have been agreed apon by the web browser and search copanines and are explained in detail at http://schema.org
There are schema to cover most things you’d be looking for online such as Local Businesses, Reviews, Articles, Products etc so there is no reason for you not to have your company easily understood by automated search tools such as Siri or Google’s Now.

How to rank well when Siri Looks For You

Siri reads the microdata and then looks at reviews and social mentions to determine which result is the most relevant and popular for your query.

So what do you need to do to capture this free traffic and by extension, hungry customers?

  • Add the schema microdata to your website.
  • Encourage your customers to leave reviews online.
  • Encourage your customers to talk about you socially.
  • Have a Mobile Optimised Website for them to view.

The first one is easy, download our guide to microdata at http://MarketingThatWorks.com.au/Standing-Out-And-Being-Found-With-MicroData/ and get your website developer to integrate the right codes for your business (or give us a call on 02 4786 0400 for help).

Next, start a Customer Review system in your business. Whenever you deliver great results and the customer is most entheusiastic, ask them for a review. By asking your customers for their help shows them how much they are valued as well as recepricate a little for the great job you have done. You’ll be surprised at how many will be glad to leave you a glowing review.
Tip: You can make it real easy for them by having a QR code they can scan to take them directly to your targeted review website. Not sure what a QR code is? They are those black and white square barcodes popping up on everything from Asparagus to WheatBix and more! To learn more about QR codes, visit http://MarketingThatWorks.com.au/QR-Codes

Continuing the review process by making it easy to leave a comment about your business on social media sites like Facebook, Foursquare, TrueLocal. Yelp etc by again using QR codes in your business or having buttons on your web site to let them leave comments instantly.

Nothing is more annoying than trying to find information about a business than trying to view their whole website on a tiny mobile phone screen.
If someone needs to spend more than 3 seconds looking for information , they will click back and move on to the next listing. Google places an emphasis on a mobile friendly site and in this competitive marketplace, every tweak makes a difference.

If you’d like more information about marketing your business online, give me a call on 02 4786 0400 or visit us at http://MarketingThatWorks.com.au