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CommBank App NFC Hardware Mobile PaymentsCommBank is updating its mobile banking app to include paying by NFC

Google and a few third party apps have supported NFC payments for Android phones and CommBank recognizing this, has opted for a smart sticker for iPhones. I haven’t found the specifics yet but they mention the app can talk to the sticker so it must be using Bluethooth LE. Apple has so far refused to embrace NFC and is pushing the Bluetooth LE technology instead.monwealth Bank is increasing it’s relevance with another addition to it’s banking app: NFC Payments. NFC payments are the equilivent to the current on-card PayWave options but with the ability to use a single NFC card (built into the phone) and alter the communication to match other services like transport payment cards

Interestingly the app will also support BPAY payments via a QR Code so expect to see QR Codes popping up on your bill soon.

The new app will also offer to pay someone via mobile phone or email (competing with paypal)

No launch date yet so if your using CommBank or wish to, watch their website [CommBank.com.au]

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