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Apple iBeacon for RetailSince the launch of Apple’s iBeacon technology, it’s innovative use has continued to grow.  Companies are springing up everywhere to offer iBeacons for business.

You need to know about this.

iBeacons are short range Bluetooth devices that can be used for:

  • Accurate location awareness
  • Push notifications (Offers, Coupons, Points of Interest).
  • ‘Checking-In’ to the store.
  • Contactless Payment.
  • VIP Cards and  points.
  • and anything to alert, store and share information between the phone and the iBeacon service.

ibeacon-navigationSan Francisco airport is the latest, offering indoor navigation to terminals, bathrooms and other points of interest. Their iOS app also uses Apple’s Voice Assist to guide the blind around the terminal.

Virgin Atlantic installed iBeacons to London’s Heathrow airport back in may to automatically display their boarding pass when approaching the security area.

iBeacons are starting to show up in retail, museums, movie theaters and sports venues across the US. Household brands like Macy’s, American Eagle, Lord & Taylor are all testing them.

Museums in Belgium are using them to talk about the art the person is looking at.

Major league baseball installed them last year in 28 ballparks to identify points of interest and highlight special offers.

Cinema’s are using them to encourage popcorn sales and movie info.

TaxiMagic uses them to send offers via customers to nearby users.

AppleTV’s can now be set up by tapping your phone.

Of course, Apple have rolled them out to all their stores in the US.

We’ve already talked about how Paypal now offer iBeacons to retailers for in-store PayPal purchases.

If you want a competitive edge in your market place, it’s time to start thinking about how you can use iBeacons. Don’t get left behind.

Magnetic Cashflow is available to help you brainstorm this technology and how you could use it in your business.