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email marketing | Business To Business MarketingA lot of myths surround email marketing. While a few don’t really matter and are harmless, some are critical and when it comes to your money, it’s better to be informed than poorer for the experience. With this in mind, here are six things to keep close when you’re preparing your next email marketing campaign.

1. Know your target audience. The more you know about them the better. Their likes, dislikes, and problems they are facing. What solutions have they tried? How can you help them solve these problems? How much do you know about their business? You need to understand all of these before you send them an email marketing campaign. When you make sure that you understand that the company is a good fit for your offer, they won’t consider you to be irrelevant and disrespectful for their time.
2. Get to the point. Your time is valuable – and so is the person you’re communicating with. You don’t hang around all day chatting about the weather nor would you want to. Be friendly, polite but don’t drag it on. Say what you want to say then stop.

3. Show me the benefits. Sure you’re sending an email to bring some cash in but they’re not interested in your wants, just what’s in it for them and their business. Keep this in mind as you write your email marketing, listing benefit after benefit followed by a call to action and the cash will flow in.


4. Ask for the order. One of the biggest mistakes I see every day is not using a call to action. If you don’t tell them what to do, the chances are much greater that they will do nothing. You don’t have the luxury of reading their body language or repeating yourself, you can only list the benefits, give them a reason to act now…and how to place the order.


5. Don’t deceive them to read your email. Things like “You Won” or “You Made A Sale” to entice them to open only receive frustration, dissatisfaction and a general feeling of dishonesty on your part. The chance of them actually reading the message let alone taking the action you asked for went out the door the second they discovered what the email was really about. It’s a fine line between being clever and deceitful. If it doesn’t feel good to read the subject line and the message together, just don’t do it.


6. Track everything. All marketing should be tracked and this is no exception. When doing business to business marketing, every dollar spent must be compared to every dollar earned from that campaign. If you don’t track your responses, you can’t be sure if your message is effective. There are many tools to help you track your emails and even to split test subject lines and parts of the text and the more you understand what your readers respond to, the more effective you email campaigns will be.


Mastering the art and science of business to business marketing is one of the most important skills you can have in your business in the internet world. It’s relatively inexpensive (pennies on the dollar compared to print or direct mail) and can give you an instantly measurable and profitable return on your investment. I’d highly recommend it for most business types and once you’ve had a few successful campaigns, you will to.

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