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Don’t you hate it when you scan a document to PDF and some of the pages are rotated the wrong way? Or how about when you have to scan a reference book and you get that ugly black crease down the center of the two pages?

I’ve found the perfect tools to fix them both.

A-PDF Page Cut & A-PDF Page Master to the rescue.

A-PDF Page cut does like its namesake… cuts those multi page pdf’s into individual pages and zooms the page to full size. I’ve got a few books around I scanned in my University days which I still reference to using my Ipad but the pages are doubled up and hard to read. I finally got sick of it and went searching for a solution. it doesn’t matter if there are 2, 4 or even 6 pages printed on 1, Page Cut chops it up and puts everything in order. There’s even a batch function if you want to do more than one PDF at a time. Does it in seconds too. Love it.


A-PDF Page Master is the next awesome tool. it lets you rotate, join or re-order the pages of your PDF’s with just a few clicks. It can even batch up a page rotation… just fill it with all your annoying sideways PDF’s and before you can grab a coffee, the’re fixed. Awesome.


If you have to do any PDF manipulation and arn’t interested in forking out hundreds of dollars for Adobe Acrobat, just grab these little numbers for $35 each and save hours of time and cash.

You can grab them both from http://www.a-pdf.com and while your there, check out all their other nifty PDF tools.