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Are you using Email Marketing in Your Business Yet?

Targeted Email Marketing is about delivering a clear, concise message to an audience that has asked for it via email.

In fact, every email you send to prospect or potential client should be considered email marketing. In the form that refers to driving traffic to your website, the following  should be the focus of every campaign…

Send your emails with goal of building and enhancing the relationship with current and former clients and to promote loyalty, cross promotions and up selling.

According to a recent study by Online Marketers 47% of respondents claim that email marketing is their best avenue for online marketing. In fact, email marketing returns an incredible $48.29 for every dollar spent. Be careful here folks. I’m not talking about buying or renting a list of 10,000 local businesses and sending your message to them. That’s spam. We’re talking about building a quality list over time.

If there is only one strategy you employ for your business, email marketing is the choice.